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Hemp & Heat: Warming CBD Salve To Smooth Your Skin

cbd warming salve

Recently there have been a lot of reports released that explain how CBD is beneficial to a person’s mental health; that the properties of CBD are beneficial to help alleviate the symptoms anxiety and depression.  Now, even more reports are surfacing about how CBD can help to alleviate chronic pain.  CBD is the naturally occurring chemical found in hemp plants that only contains a trace amount of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid most prevalent in marijuana.  Don’t worry.  Thanks to the Farm Bill of 2014, power was given to individual states to determine is legality, instead of federally, and, thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018, CBD was officially taken off the list of banned substances and decriminalized.  Now, it is legal in all fifty (50) states and people are finally able to legally benefit from everything that CBD has to offer.

Care and Commitment

Our commitment is reflected in our name.  We care about the cause; the research and development in advances of CBD. And, we care deeply about our customers.  Care By Hemp takes the process of cultivating hemp, processing CBD, and supplying the best products to our customers very seriously.  All of the products we offer are made with CBD oils that is extracted from 100% organic hemp.  Our CBD products are free of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides and other fillers that dilute the effectiveness of CBD.  We also test our CBD extracts in a third-party lab to ensure purity and potency.  Our process is also compassionate to your beliefs and your dietary choices and restrictions.  We are happy to offer products that are both vegan and gluten-free.

Truth in Testimony

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain.  Those who suffer from Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathy, and even the short-term Shingles, can benefit from the use of CBD.  Another type of chronic pain, arthritis, has been found to be eased by CBD.

As the nation’s largest voice for those suffering with arthritis, the Arthritis Foundation is always welcoming ideas for new and inventive treatments, and, accordingly, advocates for other types of chronic pain sufferers are likely to find similar results.  The Arthritis Foundation is aware of the growing popularity and availability of CBD in the United States, and they are speaking out, making their voice heard in support of using CBD as a treatment for arthritis

This past July, The Arthritis Foundation surveyed over 2,500 people who suffer from arthritis. The overwhelming opinion, was that those afflicted with arthritis that have experimented with CBD, have felt relief and were happy with the results.  The position of the Arthritis Foundation is that patients should be able to experiment with new and inventive ways to manage their pain; not be limited to any single drug or treatment. They strongly believe that the more options that are available, the more that people will benefit.  The Arthritis Foundation is committed to advocating the use of CBD as a treatment for arthritis and are urging the Food and Drug Administration to accelerate the research and regulation of CBD products.  Currently, there is limited scientific evidence and no universal standards for CBD products.  The Arthritis Foundation goes on to say that, while they don’t suggest replacing “disease-modifying drugs that prevent joint damage in inflammation types of arthritis” with a strictly CBD regiment, they do want to urge those suffering with arthritis to talk to their doctor about adding CBD to their current treatment plan. 

How We Can Help

For anyone who suffers with chronic pain, we can understand your need to desire immediate relief.  We have developed a hemp warming salve that is sure to do the trick.  A lot of warming salves contain menthol.  Menthol provides both a warming and cooling sensation on the skin.  When it comes to the treatment of pain, warmth encourages movement within the circulatory system and helps ease pain in cold stiff joints. Customers with arthritis and other types of chronic pain will benefit from this salve to help warm up, encourage circulation, and encourage the body to focus more on the warm area, helping to promote healing. It can also assist in warming up the chronically cold by increasing blood flow and increasing body temperature.

Our full-spectrum hemp warming salve contains 500 mg of USA Grade-A premium CBD per serving. Our hemp warming salve is an all-natural formulation of premium botanical ingredients and is fortified with pure CBD to offer a superior holistic topical product for treating yourself to the relief and relaxation that you deserve. Expertly formulated with the finest ingredients, our hemp warming salve offers improved bioavailability of ingredients and encourages optimal healing by stimulating local blood flow and vascularity.

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