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Vegan CBD: Hemp Oil For Everyone

Vegan CBD Drops Hemp for Vegan Diets

With more and more Americans focusing on their health and wellness, self-care is trending.  Whether it’s exercising, changing your diet, reading, or massages, people are consciously taking the time and making the effort to take extra good care of themselves.  Social media is flooded with ads for new detox teas, keto meals, workout channels, book clubs, meditation…..we could go on and on.  The bottom line is that there are new products being developed every day that hope to be the next big thing for your health and wellness, but not everything is going to work.  However, there is one thing we’re sure of, CBD will. 

A Happy Accident

CBD is anything but new.  According to a timeline posted on, CBD was first extracted from the cannabis plant in the 1940s by a chemist at the University of Illinois, but he didn’t quite yet understand what he had done.  It wasn’t until much later that researchers found that he was the first to extract CBD.

Six years later, Walter Lowe began testing the CBD extract on animals.  In addition to testing with CBD, he also tested with THC.  The results of the THC testing put the animals in a trance-like state, while the CBD did not.  However, at this point, he did not know what chemical compounds were creating such a reaction.

Even though CBD was extracted for the first time in the 1940s, it wasn’t until 1964 that its chemical structure was determined.  Dr. Raphael Mechoulam is credited with discovering that THC has psychoactive properties, while CBD does not. A few years later, Dr. Mechoulam began to test his finding on primates, determining that THC was, in fact, responsible for their trance-like behavior. 

By the 1970s, interest in Dr. Mechoulam’s findings was skyrocketing and the UK released a licensed cannabis tincture that likely contained full-spectrum CBD for therapeutic use. 

After decades of being illegal in the United States, in 1978, New Mexico became the first state to recognize cannabis as a medicine, paving the way for more states to recognize it in the future.

The first big breakthrough came in 1980 when Dr. Mechoulam tested CBD on people with severe epilepsy.  Each subject, most of them children, displayed improved condition, with little to no side effects, after being administered CBD.  Despite these findings, Dr. Mechoulam’s research was largely ignored in the medical field.  According to the Marijuana Break article, there was still a negative stigma around cannabis due to the “marijuana-based counter-culture movements of the 1960s and 1970s”.

It took another 15 years of studies for California to be the first state to legalize the use of medical marijuana, doing so in 1996.  Over the next four years, seven more states went on to legalize the use of medical marijuana. 

In 2003, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services was issued a patent on CBD for therapeutic use.  Despite their interest in CBD as medicine, it was not enough for them to remove cannabis from the list of banned substances.

Almost 25 years after Dr. Mechoulam’s initial epilepsy study, there was finally recognition in the medical field that CBD was beneficial for those with seizures.  In 2013, the story of a little girl named Charlotte Figis garnered a lot of attention, Charlotte was born with a rare form of epilepsy that gave her roughly 300 grand mal seizures per week and she was not responding to traditional medicine.  As a last resort, she was administered high-CBD strains of medical marijuana, nearly eliminating her seizures.

From this point on, things moved fast. By 2014, eleven more states had legalized medical CBD and the Farm Bill of 2014 gave states the power to regulate CBD.  Over the next four years, several other states would legalize medical CBD and with the Farm Bill of 2018, CBD was officially removed from the list of banned substances, allowing for recreational use nationwide.

Care is Our Name, and Also Our Mission

We, at Care By Hemp, are so excited to be able to offer consumers CBD products that we’re passionate about.  We care about the history of CBD.  We care about our process. We care about you.  That’s why we have worked to diligently to provide you with top of the line CBD products.  Our products are 100% organic and free of GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides. 

We understand, and take into consideration, the health and lifestyle choices of, not just the many, but also the few.  We strive every day to be inclusive and we believe that no one should be excluded from the benefits of CBD.  Allergies can exclude people from some of the most enjoyable things that life has to offer.  Lifestyle choices such as being vegan can also limit a person’s options to natural remedies.  We are so proud to be able to offer both gluten-free and vegan CBD products!

Throwing It Back to the Future

Vegan CBD is becoming quite popular with athletes.  In an article published on, it is explained that vegan athletes are loving CBD because it provides them with a lot of the nutrients they miss out on from eliminating animal products from their diet. These nutrients build strength, improve the capability to think and builds mental focus. CBD is also beneficial to the circulatory system and works for healthy blood pressure. It can prevent heart disease by providing the necessary omega-3s.

CBD also boosts the immune system. Because CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, it is a great source of protein, as the hemp plant contains all 20 amino acids. Vegan people also tend to lack sources of the complex vitamins, and CBD is also a source of B-complex vitamins.

Another great thing about CBD is that it is a high source of iron. As a vegan, you can’t have enough iron. Consuming CBD is the best option for vegan, as iron supplements can have unpleasant side effects.

One of our favorite offerings are our vegan CBD drops, much like the tinctures developed in the UK in the 1970s, except ours are gummies! Edibles continue to be one of the most popular and delicious ways to enjoy CBD. Our sweet gummies are just like vegan CBD tinctures, but more fun!  Our bottle of 10mg full-spectrum CBD gummies contain 30 gummies and are made with many of the same compounds as our other products extracted from hemp grown organically in the United States.

We CARE about where our CBD comes from, and we CARE about where it’s heading!

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